Cambio for Pipelines

Supporting geohazard risk management on over 229,000 sites on 437,000 km of pipeliness across North America

Cambio helps prevent pipeline failures and reduce failure consequences. It has inventories of geohazards affecting the networks of 26 pipeline operators in North America. The software uses remote sensing, seismic, and IoT-based instrumentation data to support monitoring. The data are used with BGC’s investigations and visual inspections to document change at geohazard sites. When combined with hazard and risk-based screening algorithms, the data support our engineering assessments and recommendations.

Pipelines that have gone through our full geohazard risk management lifecycle see a five-fold reduction in geohazard failures compared to the average North American failure rate.

Key features

Predictive modelling

Cambio provides independent estimates of the probability of failure from geohazards based on data-driven algorithms. Once BGC completes the data source integration for a specific client (assets, known hazards, available precipitation, etc.) and the baseline set-up of the geohazard risk management program, we can use Cambio’s algorithms to advance the risk management program in cost-effective ways (e.g. real-time monitoring inputs, stream data, precipitation, etc.).