BGC is an industry leader in the application of 4D change detection methods to observe, interpret, and understand the physical environment, particularly as it applies to mapping differential change

Easily and efficiently identify geohazards and other threats

Cambio is an industry leading technology used to visualize differential change from airborne lidar data. Recent advancements in processing and analytics are used to optimize the processing and data interpretation for projects ranging from site-specific to regional scale analysis.

Lidar shows you what’s under the trees; change detection finds the action.
Find your hotspots for a fraction of the cost of patrols. Scan entire networks for change affordably and quickly.
  • Lidar has always been a powerful mapping tool, but with the addition of change detection, it is now a powerful monitoring tool.
  • Change detection results delivered through CambioTM allow for easy visualization, interrogation, and integration of results into asset management workflows. Our patented software algorithms and earth science foundation allow us to detect and interpret small changes with a high degree of confidence.
  • Changes as little as 10 cm can be detected with confidence using high-quality survey data.
  • Cost-effective geohazard detection and monitoring for linear infrastructure: pipelines, rail lines, roadways, power lines, and more.
  • Built in analytical tools including statistics and topographic profile extraction.
  • Tools and methods can be adapted for use with photogrammetry data.