Covenant House Mask Donation

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Partners: Covenant House

Covenant House Vancouver opened its doors in September, 1997 with its mission to support young adults experiencing homelessness. The organisation helps homeless youth find housing, schooling, and work solutions. The services they provide include healthcare, educational support, skills training programs, substance abuse treatment and prevention programs, legal aid, mental health support, and much more. This is only achieved, however, through the generous aid of donors and the dedicated time of volunteers. In 2021, BGC donated over 10,000 KN95 masks to Covenant House Vancouver to help equip homeless youth with PPE during the pandemic. BGC also takes part in the annual Covenant House Sleep Out fundraiser. In November, BGC’s CEO and President, Steve Hedberg hosted a sleep-out with other building tenants on the rooftop of BGC’s Vancouver office. In support of Steve and Covenant House, BGC
raised over $30,000 through donation-matching and a raffle.

Women’s Computer Literacy Program

Location: Nepal
Partners: Nepal Library Foundation

Computers offer accessibility to information, knowledge, and tools to improve one’s education, job prospects, earning potential, and well-being. However, in Nepal, women have less access and lower computer literacy rates than their male counterparts. One leading reason for this is that many women cannot afford to own a personal computer. For organisations such as the Nepal Library Foundation, to buy or rent computers would use a significant portion of their budget. BGC has a continuous stream of laptops that become outdated with time for our technical purposes. To aid the Nepal Library Foundation’s mission, to increase women’s computer-literacy, and also to extend the life-span of BGC’s technical infrastructure, BGC has donated laptops to the foundation. By providing laptops, we hope that more women in Nepal are able to increase their opportunities and well-being.

Mountain Bike Trail Restoration in North Vancouver (NSMBA)

On Sunday, June 2nd, 2019 BGC joined the ranks of organizations like RBC, Arc’teryx, and MEC by adopting a trail through the North Shore Mountain Biking Association (NSMBA). BGC made a financial contribution and has committed to helping maintain sections of The Leppard Bike Trail under the direction of the NSMBA and the trail’s lead builder, Pete Morin.

The Trail Adoption Program (TAP) was initiated by the NSMBA in 2011 to revitalize local trails by using modern and sustainable building techniques. The TAP program goals are to show respect for the environment through trail work that lessens impact, diverts water, and minimizes erosion. Through TAP and other initiatives, NSMBA and its partners are building and maintaining a unique community resource that gets locals easy access to nature and has helped make the North Shore an iconic mountain biking destination.

BGC benefits from this initiative by helping turn a once-rugged trail into something more accessible to a wider group of riders.

Through the TAP initiative, BGC contributes to community spirit and is provided with a sense of accomplishment. Signage with our company logo is placed at the trailhead for the calendar year.

Leppard Trail is a key link within a very popular string of trails on Mount Fromme in North Vancouver. It’s an intermediate-level mountain biking trail, popular with newer and less aggressive riders. BGC took over from Giant Canada who had adopted it from 2015 through 2018.

Pete Morin, The Lead Builder from NSMBA, has given countless hours over the past two decades to constantly build and maintain these trails. He led BGC’s volunteer team of 15 adults and three kids for approximately 3 hours of digging, moving soil, placing and shaping berms, and cutting subtle drainage channels. Pete hopped up and down the trail giving guidance and sage wisdom. He was surprised by how little guidance the volunteers needed until he remembered that the group was made up of dirt and water engineers. Five successive corners with berms and drainage were built and a fairly rocky eroded section of the trail was smoothed out.

All BGC’ers are encouraged to volunteer! You don’t need to be a mountain biker to help improve our adopted trail and have some fun while doing so. 

Charity Hockey Tournament (HHTH)

This week BGC’s Tyler Dixon recieved the lovely letter shown below thanking us for our contributions to the Hockey Helps the Homeless fundraiser that BGC held in the Vancouver office in 2018. The BBQ was a great event, and BGC was able to raise $11,600 in total for numerous homeless support agencies throughout Vancouver. BGC’s very own Evan Shih, Jordan Vizirtzoglou, Peter Classen, Mike Lash, and Matt Thompson all participated as fundraisers/hockey players for the event.

Click here to see the letter from HTHH.