Cambio for Communities

Risk management solutions to fully support your community's needs

Cambio organizes information for tracking, evaluating, and managing risks to communities from natural hazards. The results help inform land use and risk mitigation planning, bylaw enforcement, emergency management and asset management. Cambio goes beyond situational awareness of hazards – it provides interpreted results from qualified professionals, supporting proactive, risk-informed decision-making. 

Key features

Cambio for Communities addresses questions across different roles and responsibilities in an organization, such as: 

  • As a decision maker, how can I prioritize natural hazard risk management across my region? 
  • As a planner, where should I establish hazardous lands development permit areas? 
  • As an approving officer, where should a Qualified Professional determine if land may be used safely for the use intended? 
  • As an emergency manager, where might I issue evacuation orders or send resources during a hazard event? 
  • As an elected official, how can I respond to concerns from my community about natural hazard risks? 
  • As an asset manager, where might natural hazards affect the operation of facilities?